picture of the colorado state capital building

Colorado Auctioneers Association Members Invited To The Colorado State Capitol on April 7, 2017. 

In honor of National Auctioneers Day, April 15, 2017,  Colorado Auctioneers Association Members will gather once again for a visit to the Colorado State Capitol on April 7th!

A meet-and-greet with Representative Perry Buck, has been scheduled and she will be sponsoring our Colorado Auctioneers Association during our visit. We are grateful and would like to thank her for her time. We will meet Representative Buck at the Capitol on April 7th @ 8:30 am for introductions, take a few pictures and a short visit.  After having time with Representative Buck, we will move to the floor of the House Of Representatives.

Representative Buck will introduce the Colorado Auctioneers Association at the Colorado State Capitol on the floor of the House Of Representatives at approximately 9 am and the Governor’s Proclamation will be read.

ALL Members of the Colorado Auctioneers Association are invited and strongly encouraged to attend the event.  Come join us as we make an impact and a statement as the Colorado Auctioneers Association – the only association representing the interests of professional auctioneers in Colorado.

Wes Lamb, 2017 Colorado Auctioneer State Champion, will auction a certified flag that has been flown over the Colorado State Capitol on-the-floor of the House Of Representatives to the attending session representatives.

Our organization is honored to be recognized & announced on the floor of our state legislature.

Mark your calendar… Enter it in Google, post it on Facebook or write it on the refrigerator door…but please plan to attend!

Please R.S.V.P. – Michael Nichols – mnichols96@esrta.com or call (719) 350-0126

Let’s have a strong showing for the Colorado Auctioneers Association to represent National Auctioneers Day!

Michael Nichols, Legislative Chairman