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Indian Artifact Auction  -  Live Auction

Starts: Sat, Feb 23 at 10:00 AM US/Mountain


Join us for this exceptional auction of three prominent arrowhead & Indian artifact collections including the lifetime collection of the Wingers & Jim Odell. We will be offering over 200 frames of arrowheads & artifacts, Indian beadwork, New Mexico Trade Post silver turquoise jewelry, over 35 handmade Pueblo pottery vases & bowls, 21 high end wild game & fish mounts and 10,000 marbles. This is a quality auction.

200+ FRAMES OF ARROWHEADS: Most of these points were personal finds dating back to the Paleo period. Points from TN, MO, IA, NE, KS, IL, OK, WY, CO, OR, OH. One collection comes from a 3rd generation collection from NE, WY, CO & will include Clovis, Folsom & Paleo. Also a frame of early killer Alaskan artifacts. 17 frames come w/COA’s. The Jim Odell collection comes from NE, CO & WY as well as some early desert points. These are quality frames, not much junk. You must see this incredible offering including dovetails, Kirk corner notch, Hardins, Daltons, Ovoid, Folsom, Scottsbluff, Clovis, Graham Cave, Dickson, Snyder, Adena, Shadid, Plains, Lost Lake, Hopewell, steel points, Columbia River, Motley, Adena knives, archaic spears, turkey tail, lg selection of nice bird points, a nice collection of bone tools & shaft straighteners.

POINTS W/COA’s: Pike Co, IL 3 7/8 dovetail; Boone Co, MO 5 ¼ dovetail; Van Buren Co, IA 5 3/8 Kirk Corner notch; Union Co, IL 5 ¾ dovetail; Spencer Co, IN 4 ¼ dovetail; Adams Co, IL 5 ¼ Hardin; Madison Co, KY 5 3/8 dovetail; Monroe Co, MO 3 7/8 Graham Cave; LeFlore Co, OK 6 ¼ early Ovoid; Clay Co, MO 4 ¾ dovetail; Pike Co, IL 4 3/8 Graham Cave; Pike Co, IL 4 3/8 Dickson; Butler Co, MO 4 ¼ Snyder; Warren Co, MO 3 Snyder; Pike Co, IL 4 ½ Adena Dickson; Weld Co, CO 20 mm Shadid point.

OAK DISPLAY CABINETS: 8 drawer; 9 drawer; 1800’s 15 drawer watch makers file.

POTTERY: All pottery pcs are either coil built or pinch built, handmade & not cast in slip molds. Every effort has been made to identify the artist & the artist’s Pueblo of origin. Makers include Pauline Romero, L.L. T., T. Chinana, C. Chinana, L. Yepa, V.J.T., Michelle Mora, I.V.T., Yolanda Trujillo, T. Poncho, C. Mariano, Carmel Lewis, Marcellus, Myron Sarracino, F. Yawea, Vicki Taylor, Ramona Tapia, Anderson Paynetsa, Emma Lewis, Kateena, Julio, Mora, Mata Oritz, Rodrigo Perez, Miguel Lopez, Jose L. Ana Peta, Victor Ortiz.

JEWELRY: Nice selection of silver & turquoise jewelry.

BEADWORK: Kiowa Strike-A-Lite flat bag; Contemporary Strike-A-Lite fully beaded bag w/fringe & carry handle; Plains Indian bag; Nez Perce Plateau beaded buckskin flat bag; Sioux Style Strike-A-Lite buckskin bag w/fringe & brass cones; 1490’s Cheyenne Plains Loomed beaded belt; child’s moccasins; deer hide Strike-A-Lite beaded bag w/glass beads & brass cones; beaded tobacco bag; crow head child’s cradle board; black powder patch knife in beaded sheath w/bone; Plains Indian beaded war shirt; elk skin shirt; 2 vintage mismatched beaded moccasins; other beaded leather pcs.

GAME MOUNTS: These show pieces are high quality & come from a prominent taxidermist who is retiring. 2 white tail 5 point bucks; trio of pronghorns; bobcat chasing rabbit; bobcat in tree; king salmon 2 crappie; 2 lg mouth bass; yellow perch.

MARBLES: collection of over 10,000 marbles.

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