Auction Detail

Two Day Antique Auction  -  Live Auction

Starts: Sat, Mar 9 at 10:00 AM US/Mountain


Preview: Friday, March 8th 3-6 p.m.

Join us as we offer one of the finest antique auctions we have done in a long time. This auction comes from one large estate & is loaded with quality exceptional antiques & collectibles. We are honored to have been chosen to handle this great auction. Join us for two big days. Expect many surprises as there are many full buildings.

The following is just a small sampling as it was impossible to list it all. There is no junk.


MUSCLE CAR: (sells at 1:00) 1970 Oldsmobile 442 4spd 4 barrel dual exhaust w/455 auto motor, all matching. Great cart w/low miles, always shedded.

FEATURE ITEMS: Mobil cast iron White Eagle; early 1800’s oak music box Polly phone, plays; Turkish dye cabinet; eagle on a glove; rare porcelain neon Poll Parrot Shoes sign.

ANTIQUE FURNITURE: leather fainting couch; 1930’s walnut armoire; oak qrtr sawn side board; Ducks Unlimited clock gun safe; ornate inlaid India chair; 4 stack oak library case; small oak curved glass hutch; oak treadle sewing machine; ladies cylinder burled walnut roll top desk; nice wooden trunk; oak 6 drawer spool cabinet; oak magazine rack; Packard wall speaker for jukebox; oak 3 drawer low boy dresser; wooden foldout wash stand.

ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES: 4 beater jars; glass mailbox; multi straight razors; 3 tobacco cutters; cast iron stapler; 1902 Yuma, CO replica bank notes; president dolls; Babe Ruth watch; wire milk bottle carriers; 1920’s Glasscock Coca Cola machine, restored; Indian scrapers & knives; ladies compacts; lg selection of lightning rod globes; shaving mugs; 9 door stops; early GE fridge; Columbian Hardware Store rope cutter; egg crates; AC spark plug cleaners; hog oiler; unusual wire trap; syrup & pop bottles; brass blade fans; airplane fan; 1800’s hand cart; 1800’s Koken wooden barber chair; 10 barn lanterns; porcelain dentist chair; cast iron shooting gallery targets; service station road maps; skeleton keys; lg amt of old literature; 1927 Sears & Roebuck catalog; Model T car trunk; sad irons; wooden ballot box; brass denture mold; 6 lg wooly mammoth teeth; oak tobacco humidor; 26 pocket watches; 3 vintage USA fireman helmets; magic lantern; lg amt of coffee grinders & meat slicers; Naughty Nellie bootjack; wiener dog boot scraper; cast iron 3 ½B ball & chain w/lock; several BB guns; 1800’s Sioux dancing stick; old store paper roller; 2 wire mesh trash cans; CU golf bag autographed by Steve Jones; 3 Nat’l brass cast cash register; 32 seltzer bottles; 2 oak wall phones; cast iron fisherman door stop; oil lamps; planetarium; Star Threads oak spool cabinet; rare brown lightning jar; pewter Civil War chess set; seeing eye thunder bowl; lg amt of RR padlocks & keys; raisin grinder; WWII wooden dummy shell; bullet pencils; fountain pens; German coins; trade tokens; 40 cast iron trivets & match holders; 50 milk bottles; 3 butter churns; lg amt spice, kitchen & coffee tins.
100+ CROCKS: 25 gal Redwing; 20 gal Birch leaf Redwing; 2, 3, 4, 10 & 15 gal Redwings; sev 1, 2, 3, 8 & 10 gal Westerns; 3 gal jug T.F. Lee Liquor; Isaac Weil & Son liquor jug; Western chicken feeder; McCormick Deering 2 gal; 1 gal ketchup crock; rare Redwing horizontal chicken water; 3 gal Redwing butter churn; rare 1 qt Western chicken water; sev crock jugs; 2 gal salt glazed; old brown glazed chicken water; 12 gal Redwing birch leaf; 5 gal Redwing water cooler; 6 gal Western spackle water; 3 gal Marshal water; Campbell Soup kids plate; 5 gal Redwing jug; Redwing poultry feeder; crock jars; 6 gal butterfly; 6 gal blue band; 3 gal salt glazed dragonfly; rare 5 gal butterfly.

VINTAGE SLOT MACHINES: Mills 5, 10, 25 & 50 cent; 2 wooden; 1930’s Playboy trade stimulator; 1930’s Dicette stimulator; naked lady wooden 25 cent.

SCALES: 2 lollipop porcelain penny scales; Rockola porcelain penny; Dayton store; 2 Dayton candy.

COIN OPERATION: 1950’s Jacobs dome 26 Coke machine; Sani-speed ball pen dispenser; US postage stamp dispenser; 1 cent peanut machine.

8 JUKEBOXES: Wurlitzer Mod 51 tabletop; early 70’s Rhapsody; sev 1960’s & 70’s AMI & Rockola; Ristauvorat. Rare Werlitzer Speaker.


MARILYN MONROE COLLECTIBLES: (sell at Noon) Vol 1 #1 issue of Playboy, rare; Lady in the Light; Andy Warhol orange Marilyn; 1949 early Moran “The Spanish Girl”; rare uncut tip tray sheets; uncut sheet trading cards; personal suitcase bought from Sotheby’s; hot water bottle; 1947 postcard, 1 of a kind; lg mat of rare calendars & magazines; ink blotters; collector plates; movie lobby cards; stamps; first day covers; signed check frame. There are many totes full of Marilyn Monroe collectibles of all kinds.

SHOP TOOLS: DeWalt portable air compressor; DeWalt chop saw; shop vac; Bosch air nailers; Stanley coil nailers; DeWalt cordless drills & saws.

ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES: old padlocks; lighters; belt buckles; service medals; crocks incl Westerns, Redwings, jugs & jars. Very lg amt of quality showcase smalls of all kinds – many unusual.

GUNS: old flint lock cap & ball rifle; flint lock Indian long rifle; dble barrel 12ga shotgun.

SIGNS & NEON: Gossages Dry Soap; Piedmont tobacco; Budweiser rotating clock; 1917 Coca Cola calendar; Fairbanks Morse sales & service; Christofer & Sons therm; Nesbit’s therm; Orient Ins Co of Hartford; porcelain Fairbanks & Morse scales; quikrete packaged concrete; Kincaid Lignite; See Norse; Dakota Star Lignite; antifreeze & oil cans; Philip Morris; Baldwin Coal; Burleigh Lignite; Harris Coal; Perfection kerosene; State of CO Probationary Class; Bullseye Boots; Skoal; Wurlitzer; Pepsi; Red Dot cigar; gates; LA Fendrich Cigar therm; Chesterfield cigarettes; Morton Salt therm; lg gas & oil tins & grease can collection; CO license plate collection early 1900’s to ‘50’s, nice collection.

MUSICAL: 2 banjos.

ANTIQUE TOYS: lg collection of Arcade cast iron banks; rare Punch & Judy mechanical bank; Wyandotte tin litho trucks; 4 dump trucks; Structo semi; Wyandotte army truck; lg amt of wind up rockets, helicopters, planes, Buddy L 1920’s tin train; Arcade fire pumper; 5 pc cast iron train; several Pep cardboard airplanes; 1920’s Marks wind up tin pinched game; 1920’s circus target set in box; 1920’s Gilbert #0 erector set; Arcade steam roller; tin wind up speed boat; Jolly Joe; Jumping jeep; clown car; Marks tin wind up climbing fireman; tin wind up hula hoop monkey; battery op brave eagle; Killgore invincible cap gun in box; fire chief bike siren in box; tiger target game; blow up ball locomotive; big bank toy cannon; 1920’s tin football game; Ideal ship models in box; 2-1920’s Buddy L’s, pickup & coupe; Turner tin litho car; Dayton American deluxe bus; ride on rocket; 2 tin litho steam engines.

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