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Pletcher Estate  -  Live Auction

Starts: Sat, Jul 27 at 11:00 AM US/Mountain

SATURDAY, JULY 27, 2019 – PLETCHER ESTATE AUCTION – 502 S. CEDAR ST. – YUMA, CO – SALE TIME: 11:00 a.m. – Lunch Available

Join us as we sell to settle the estate of Harvey Pletcher. Harvey was a long time gunsmith & collector of guns. We will also be offering a nice line of shop tools, furniture & collectibles. Bring your lawn chairs and spend the day the auction way.

40 GUNS: (sell at noon) Must be able to pass background check as all gun laws apply. Yuma Guns in charge of background checks. Win Mod 70 featherweight 308 ca rifle; Win Mod 92 SRC 25.20ca LA carbine; Win Mod 92 32-20 wcf LA carbine; Marlin Mod 94 25-20ca LA rifle; Win 1886 45-65ca LA rifle; Win Mod 94 25-35ca LA rifle; Win Mod 1876 45-60ca Deluxe Mod ½ rd ½ oct barrel LA rifle; Marlin 45-80ca LA rifle oct barrel; S&W Mod 13 3 screw 357 revolver; Colt Frontier 44-40ca 3rd gen revolver; 12ga dble barrel shotgun; Mauser 25.06; 1903 Springfield carbine; Win Mod 1903 22 rifle; Springfield M1 Garand; Mauser 6.5x55 rifle Sporterized; Win Mod 70 300 Win rifle; 416 Taylor Mauser 98 rifle; Marlin 17 HMR XT 17 rifle; Win Mod 1917 BA rifle; Marlin Mod 81 22ca w/scope; Benelli Super 90 LH 12 ga auto shotgun; Iver Johnson 22ca rifle; Dan Wesson 357 mag revolver; Thompson Center Arms black powder 5t4ca Renegade rifle; Savage Mod 24 410/22 ou shotgun; Rem Mod 32 TC 12ga ou shotgun; High Standard The Victor 22ca pistol F01507; Walther P1 KA1 9mm pistol #07393; Allen J Mart 270ca BA rifle w/pachmaur scope; Rem Fieldmaster Mod 572 22 pump rifle #1403012; Rem Mod 550 22 auto rifle; Rem falling block 7mm rifle; Mossberg Mod 183D ba 410 shotgun; Swiss K31 7.5x55 rifle #3122114; US 30ca M1 carbine standard #2226097; Soviet SKS 7.62 rifle w/bayonet #12441.

GUN SAFES: lg Cannon gun safe; dble door safe.

GUN SCOPES: 2 Leapold; Simmons 3x9.

GUN & CAMPING ITEMS: Winchester mirror; several nice deer & elk antlers; reloading equip; gun vise.

SHOP TOOLS: (like new) Dewalt mitre saw; Craftsman 14” band saw; Hobart portable wire feed welder; oxy acetylene torch set; bench grinder; pipe & C clamps; shop vac; hand tools; wood rollers; circ saw; belt sander; Dewalt drills; socket sets; pipe wrenches; bottle jacks; power tools; hand grinders; lots of misc tools; lawn & garden tools; pull behind sprayer; new 7’ step ladder; tools of all kinds.

SCOOTER CHAIRS: custom large person heavy duty scooter chair; large Jazzy scooter chair. These are top end chairs.

HOUSEHOLD: bedroom set; card table & chair sets; nice Whirlpool refrig/freezer; wood 2 door cabinet; toaster oven; rolling table; assorted household.


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