Chuck Cumberlin “Go Your Best” Award

josh-larson-state-championJosh Larson Awarded

2016 Colorado Auctioneer Champion

Josh Larson, Huxton, Colorado, was crowned the 2016 Colorado Champion Auctioneer on Saturday January 2, 2016 at the Colorado Auctioneers Association annual Auctioneer Championship.  Competitors from all over Colorado (and a few CAA members from neighboring states) performed in front of an esteemed panel of judges including International and State Champion auctioneers.

Twenty  contestants vied for the coveted honor of winning the Chuck Cumberlin “Go Your Best” traveling trophy, a custom-made championship belt buckle and a $1000 award to represent the CAA at the International Auctioneer Championship (IAC) in Grand Rapids, MI.

Josh shared with the CAA, “I had the opportunity to work with some great auctioneers, both ringing and selling. I quickly recognized I needed to learn from them and to study others. While this and constant practice certainly laid my foundation, it wasn’t until I joined the CAA in 2013, that I began to find improvement by leaps and bounds. My first convention, and every one since, I’ve been shocked to find what a welcoming group awaits me. I have learned as much from the other auction professionals as I have from any of the great classless, seminars or bid calling clinics! I really can’t say enough about what the CAA, and later the NAA and the NeAA, have done for me. These associations have helped me in all fascists of my life and the people truly are what keep me coming back! Every time I come home from one of these events they light a fire under me, and that’s worth a lot in itself!

As far as competitions are concerned, I’ve competed in Colorado for the last four years, Nebraska the last three years and for my first time, at the NAA last year. Contests are a great place to learn, practice and get your name out there too! There are so many great chants in one room; you really can’t find that anywhere else. The key to contests is using them for the feedback that you wouldn’t otherwise get. For me, it’s always nice to get some direction on things I may have been working on or changed. If you’re starting out, it’s truly the only place you can buy experience. And in my opinion experience, is the one thing practice won’t get you, so get it wherever you can.

I guess you could say that I’m “drinking the CAA kool-aid” and I’m “buying what they’re selling,” but for me, that’s made all the difference! I can assure you I wouldn’t be where I am today were it not for the help of the CAA and its members. Along with the countless others, thank you all for your help and support. I am honored to be this year’s champion and look forward to seeing you all very soon.”

Each professional auctioneer who competed became a better auctioneer because of the contest and should be congratulated for taking part.  Their improvement and growth as auctioneers makes the association and the industry better for all.  Thank you to Wavebid for providing the auction clerking software, live internet bidding and clerk for the auction and thanks to Brian Allmer and for providing video streaming and DVD creation services.  We are extremely grateful for their service.

Colorado Champion Auctioneers

1980                Booth Brown

1981                Otha C. “Jr.” Mass

1982                Fritz Rundel

1983                Jack De Nooy

1984                Ted Odle

1985                Jack Salisbury

1986                Larry Lusher

1987                Randell N. Smith

1988                Robert L. Johnson

1989                Ron Miller

1990                Sammy Hamblen

1991                Raymond R. Holt

1992                John L. Korrey

1993                Steven W. Holt

1994                Brian Weitzel

1995                James Higgins

1996                Ken Holzworth

1997                No Contestant

1998                Dan McVey

1999                Scott Goodhue

2000                Lloyd Michael, Jr.

2001                Brian Marshall

2002                Josh White

2003                David P. Whitley CAI, CES

2004                Everett Schneider

2005                Walt Partridge

2006                Kevin Holt

2007                Mike Heitmann

2008                Shawn Hagler

2009                Steve Linnebur

2010                Rich Schur CAI, MPPA, BAS

2011                Adam Kevil

2012                Emily Wears

2013                Sean Allen

2014                Scott Shuman CAI

2015                Doug Carpenter CAI

2016                Josh Larson

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