Colorado Jr Bid Calling Champion

Shelby Shuman Awarded

2017 Colorado Jr Bid Calling Champion

Miss Shelby Shuman has followed sister, Amanda, to earn the 3rd Annual Colorado Jr Bid Calling Championship Award.  Amanda Shuman was the 1st championship recipient just 2 years earlier in 2015.

Shelby decided to compete while hanging out with Brayden Nichols, fellow competitor & friend, while talking with him about the upcoming competition event.  Brayden had competed the year before and was excited to do so again this year.

Shelby shared how she felt about competing and getting over the hurdles that she felt prior to registering. She said that, “I had talked to my sister, Amanda (2015 CAA Jr Bid Calling Champion), in which she expressed to her, “It had been fun competing.”  By the time she registered and found out she would be one of three competitors, she knew it would be a “Good experience for her.”

When asked about how she feels about winning, Shelby was not boastful in any way, but was very humble and expressed with sincerity of how “she looks forward to Brayden winning in the near future.

So, what is in store for our champion? She will be doing a benefit auction in November for one of her teachers and will be sharing her experience with her 4-H Family. She wants to represent CAA well and looks forward to opportunities. She would like to compete in the upcoming International Junior Champion Auctioneer Competition (IJAC) to represent Colorado and her town.

On a side note, Scott Shuman (aka Dad), told me “He is very proud of her and she has been studying / working / practicing for the upcoming IJAC Competition nightly.”

Shelby will always be part of the auction family, however, science is in her heart and I think we can see some amazing things from her future.

Writers note….Brayden and Shelby fall just under the entry age for the competition, but asked to be granted to compete. This factor, alone, shows the strength and courage of them, their families and our CAA family that builds strong youth for our future and we are proud of them both!

Colorado Jr Bid Calling Champions

2017      Shelby Shuman

2016      Matthew Heitmann

2015      Amanda Shuman

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