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2013 HOF Inductee - Walt Partridge

Walt Partridge
2013 HOF Inductee

The 55th annual CAA Convention closed with the very deserving induction of auctioneer Walt Partridge into the CAA Hall of Fame.  Walt is an explosives expert who embarked on auctioneering as a second career.  He set out to master this new career with enthusiasm and dedication and his work ethic served him well as he learned all positions of the trade to become the Colorado State Champion Auctioneer in 2005.  Walt primarily works as a contract auctioneer, allowing many CAA members the privilege of working with him.  From personal experience, Walt is not only fun to work with, but a consummate professional.

Walt has also dedicated countless hours to the Colorado Auctioneers Association.  He served the CAA as president in 2007 and 2008, and has been a Board member & Treasurer for many years – always going the extra mile for the good of the CAA.  Walt’s knowledge and understanding of the CAA bylaws and his natural sense of fair play is sought out on a regular basis during board meetings; Walt genuinely believes in the organization.  As a member of the board, he is always one of the first to volunteer for anything that needs to be done.

He also supports the CAA with more than his presence at meetings & events.  If he isn’t helping someone, you’ll find him throwing horse shoes at the picnic or bidding at one of the auctions.  If you don’t know Walt, take a minute or two at the next CAA event and talk with him. Chances are, he will be there and he’s always glad to share.

The CAA is proud to present Walt with this prestigious honor.


CAA Hall Of Fame Members and Year Inducted

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1985     J. Lee Sears
1986     Troil Welton
1989     C.E. “Chuck” Cumberlin
1990     Reuben Stroh
1993     E.R. Austin
1994     Raymond L. Holt and E.S. “Bud” Vanberg
1996     Jim Odle
1997     Dale A. Brown
1999     Chuck A. Bohn, Art Parker, and Jack Salisbury
2000     Bill Sparks and Dave Welton
2001     Jim Civis
2002     Cookie Lockhart, Ernie Wimmer and Dale Ely
2003     Eugene Doty
2004     John Nichols
2005     Jim Brenneman and Harley Troyer
2007     David C. Roller
2008     Steve M. Linnebur
2009     John Korrey
2010     Everett Schneider
2011     Lloyd Michael
2012     Shannon Schur
2013     Walt Partridge

2015      Doug Carpenter


Do You Know Someone Deserving Recognition?

Applications for the 2016 CAA Hall of Fame are being accepted and the deadline for receiving them is December 15, 2014. If you have someone special that deserves recognition as an outstanding member of our association, please fill out the application, and return to:

Everrett Schneider, HOF Chair
2113 Winterstone Court
Fort Collins, CO 80525

Applications will be reviewed by the Hall of Fame Committee.

Click here for the Hall of Fame Nomination Form and Nominating Guidelines.

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