Colorado Jr. Bid Calling Champion

Brayden Nichols Awarded

2019 Colorado Jr Bid Calling Champion

Brayden Nichols is no stranger to auctions.  He’s grown up in an auction family with his grandfather, John Nichols and his dad, Lance Nichols, along with his uncle, Michael Nichols.

Brayden, the 2019 CAA Junior Bid Calling Champion is 14 years old and lives on his family’s farm north of Severance, CO.  He is an eighth grader at Severance Middle School, and he will attend Windsor High School next year.  His parents are Lance and Adele Nichols and his grandparents are John and Zee Nichols of Flagler, CO, and Kenneth and Joyce Lind of Severance, CO.  His family owns and operates Nichols Auctioneers, with offices in Severance and Flagler, CO.

Brayden’s first time to auction in front of a crowd was at the age of 6, when he attended the Wyoming Auctioneers Association Convention with his parents.  He confidently held the microphone and counted by tens, “ten, ten, twenty, twenty, thirty, thirty….” all the way to one hundred, but never stopped his chant to actually take a bid!

Brayden has entered the Colorado Jr Bid Calling competition every year it has been offered by the CAA and he is happy that he was chosen as this year’s winner. Brayden says he wishes more junior aged kids would go out for the competition because it would be a better competition.  He says, “If you don’t practice and you don’t try, you won’t get better.”  He works on his bid calling chant in the shower and when mowing the lawn and he enjoys saying tongue twisters to help practice.

Brayden likes going to the annual CAA Convention because even as a kid, he says he learns a lot about the auction industry, and he is proud to be an Associate member of the CAA.  His favorite part of the auction business is being around family and friends.  Brayden’s favorite thing to bid on at auctions are fishing equipment, and he also was the high bidder of a nice compound bow.  He recently enjoyed auctioning off his sister at the Windsor FFA Chapter’s Member Sale and says “as is, where is, all sales are final.”  

In addition to helping at the Nichols’ family auctions, Brayden enjoys playing football, snow skiing, running track, fishing and rodeoing.

Colorado Auctioneers Association notation:  Brayden began competing in the Colorado Jr Bid Calling competition prior to meeting the age requirements.  Our association is proud of Brayden, his courage, perseverance and talents.  

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