Colorado Jr. Bid Calling Champion

Rylee Nichols Awarded

2018 Colorado Jr Bid Calling Champion

picture of rylee holding junior bid calling championship awardRylee Nichols is no stranger to auctions.  He’s grown up in an auction family with his grandfather, John Nichols and his dad, Mike Nichols, along with his uncle, Lance Nichols.  When Rylee was about 5 years old, he would ride with his dad from town or checking cattle and he  always had Neal Davis’s auctioneer training CD playing.  Rylee listened intently and asked questions about number drills and tongue twisters.  He would count with his dad and practice.  By the time he was about 7 years old, he could recite the Betty Botter tongue twister.

As he progressed he asked his dad for some of the training CD’s from World Wide College of Auctioneering and Neal Davis.  Rylee would attend community benefit auctions, mostly for FFA member sales or benefits of some sort in our community and neighboring communities, always trying to listen and learn something.

This last summer Rylee wanted to sell a little bit on his own and during the Volunteer Ambulance Service Benefit and Dinner, his Dad asked if he was ready and he said, “Yeah.”  Mike introduced him, told the crowd his age and said, “This is his first time he has ever auctioneered”  and handed him the mic.  Rylee’s face was about as red as you could get and he didn’t appear to be breathing.  He looked at the crowd and was quiet for a second or two and then he and his Dad started counting 20 -25 and away he went!

The crowd was bidding like there was no tomorrow and he kept up with every “Yes!” and “Yep!”  of his Mike catching bids  and kept his numbers going right on track.  When he said, “SOLD” for the first time, the crowd was hollering and screaming, “Keep going!!! Keep going!!!” and he did just that.  He sold about the next 10 pies and settled down and his breathing was great.  When he concluded, the crowd gave him a thunderous applause and his Dad, Mike, could not have been a prouder father to a son.  Mike states that, “Next time he may sell the whole thing and I’ll just catch bids for him!”

Rylee wasn’t sure if he wanted to compete or not and Mike told him, “If you want to compete that’s fine, if not that was fine too.”  He decided to compete, and he did a great job.

Rylee said one of the highlights of the 2018 CAA Convention was getting the chance to meet and talk with Neal Davis, the man on the CD that he had listened to for several years.  And how does his Father feel about it?  Mike stated, “I could have not been more proud of my son and I hope he feels like he can continue with his auction education.”

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