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Annual Colorado Auctioneers Convention & Championships

Mark your calendars!  The 2020 CAA Annual Convention is scheduled for January 2-6, 2020, at the Renaissance Stapleton Hotel in Denver.

It’s that time of year again to get together and enjoy the 2020 CAA Convention, obtain quality education in regard to the auction industry and in being a Colorado business owner.

The children and grandchildren of CAA members will kick off the nighttime activities with the annual Children’s Auction selling toy donations to the highest bidder that is sponsored by the Colorado Auctioneers Foundation.  This special event is for children age 12 and under.


Invite all your friends to Friday night’s Fun Auction, which supports the CAA and many of its programs,  and see who will  be crowned as the Colorado Ringman Champion that is sponsored by World Champion Ringman College.

Then as an added bonus, be sure to attend on Saturday night and show support for your favorite auctioneer as they showcase their talent during the annual Colorado State Auctioneer Championship, sponsored by Mile High Car Company and the Colorado Farm Show.

But hold on to your hat!  There’s even a “Junior” contest for those 13-18 years of age and if you know a young adult that would like to compete, contact us at

  • Enjoy networking with old friends and new
  • Build up your education knowledge and training
  • Ask questions, Visit with and Get to know Our Sponsors of the event who have invested in the Colorado Auctioneers Association with their time spent with us and get to learn about their company & services that support the auction method and our association members.

Friday Night Activities:

  • 6th Annual Kids Auction
    2nd Annual Colorado Ringman Championship
    – Who will be crowned the champion?
  • Fun Auction – which supports the CAA and many of its programs.

Saturday Night Activities:

  • 6th Annual Junior Bid Calling ChampionshipThis competition is open to individuals ages 13 – 18 years old.
  • First Timers Auction Championship – Who will win the Troil Welton Championship Award?
  • 2020 Colorado State Bid Calling Championship – Who will win the Chuck Cumberlin “Go Your Best” Award?

Hotel Accommodations
We are pleased to announce that 2020 Colorado Auctioneers Association Convention we will be held at the Renaissance Stapleton Hotel, Denver, CO off of Quebec and I-70.

Attendees and Guests may make your discount hotel room reservations by clicking here, to obtain the link:  RENAISSANCE STAPLETON HOTEL.  ** If you have any problems or issues making a reservation, please contact Director Cissy Tabor (303) 729-1195 for assistance. **

2020 Convention Registration Form

ONLINE Convention Registration

Please print the 2020 Convention Registration Form and mail it, along with your payment to, Colorado Auctioneers Association – PO Box 1133 Rifle, CO  81650 or…..Register ONLINE (5% credit card processing fee applies).

To learn more about the Colorado Auctioneers Association or see more information, please follow us on Facebook (click the picture to be connected).


Any additional questions, please contact, Cissy Tabor, Executive Secretary: or (303)  729-1195

2019 Colorado Auctioneers Foundation Summit

2019 Foundation Summit

Once again, the Colorado Auctioneers Foundation will be hosting a Foundation Summit for members of the Colorado Auctioneers Association and their guest.  This event is FREE to attend and lunch will be provided.

The 2019 Foundation Summit will provide sessions in a Ted Talk style format from auction industry experts, Colorado entrepreneurs and business owners to give an insight into the fundraising & non-profit industry, auction industry of vocal care and earning additional income as an Emcee or announcer, social media management & growth, along with inspiration of survival, entrepreneurship and business management.

Featured speakers include:

Trey Morris, 2019 International Auctioneer Champion

Christie King, Benefit Auctioneer Specialist

Jerry Schemmel, Announcer of the Colorado Rockies and formerly of the Denver Nuggets

Paul Andrews, CEO of the National Western Stock Show

Jim Mathis, owner of WyoTech of Laramie, Wyoming

Brad Friedman, Best-Selling author of The Small Business Owners Guide To Inbound Marketing

Shawn Hagler, 2019 WAAC Reserve Team Champion

Shawn Hagler Brings Home A Win Competing At The 2019 World Automobile Auctioneer Championship

Shawn Hagler & Angie Meier, 2019 Reserve World Champion Team

The best Auctioneers and Ringman in the World competed at the Charleston Auto Auction on May 10, 2019, for a Title, a Championship Ring, a Buckle and Money. I would like to personally say this was a great event and possibly one of the most challenging competitions for the World Automobile Auctioneers Championship (WAAC) yet. 4 lanes, 53 Auctioneers, 19 Teams, 22 Ringmen and NO Air Conditioning in the hot South Carolina heat in which each had two chances in each perspective lane to make it to the Finals Round Competition and become a World Champion. 

As shared by Myers Jackson, who comes to this momentous event each year to photograph the competitors, the action and the moments, “You gents and ladies have become very good friends. You are kind, thoughtful and professional. However each of you are ferocious when it comes to the competition. I enjoy every minute behind the lens. I get the first look and the last and my heart beats with action. Thanks to everyone who allows me to be a part on the World Class Championship event.”

After 220 runs at the Charleston Auto Auction, the winners were announce and CAA Member, Shawn Hagler, brought home a Reserve Championship title for 2nd place in the 2019 WAAC Championship Team Competition with his team partner, Texas Auctioneer, Angie Meier! It was an honor to watch them work the ring and bring their best in this competition that is considered the Best Of The Best. 

So how do you come home with the trophy hardware? I asked Shawn to share… 

“I compete because iron sharpens iron. I feel that if I ever get comfortable with the level I’m at I’ll begin to decline. I’m always trying to improve. “If you’re cruising along, you’re probably going down hill.” 

I chose to compete in the Auctioneer and the Team Competitions because not only do I want to be considered a World Class Auctioneer, but I also believe it’s vital to our industry to show the importance of an Auctioneer and Ringman working together.  Most people don’t realize how much communication occurs between a Professional Auctioneer and Professional Ringman, both verbally or nonverbal, and to watch some of the best in the world do it, is amazing to witness. 

I’m happy when other people are successful as well. When I’m asked to work the ring or auctioneer for another contestant, I consider it a huge honor and compliment. I get the satisfaction of helping my friends with their success. I was more nervous watching the auctioneer results (Angie winning 5th and Matt Morvac wining Reserve) than I was when they were announcing the team results. 

Winning the World Champion Ringman title in 2009 got my name out on a national level, which increased my business. I’ve gotten more work from the people I’ve met from going to the WAAC. The WAAC is not just about winning championships. It’s about networking and building lifelong friendships. 

Winning with Angie was special to me. She and Craig are two of my best friends (that I met at the WAAC), so to do well with a friend is extra special. Angie and I have never worked together before!!! Now it’s opening some possibilities to begin working in another market.

World. Champion Ringman College

At this point of my career I’m in a position to give back to the industry that’s been so good to me. That’s why Vaughn and I started World Champion Ringman College. We wanted to ensure our profession continues to thrive as future generations come up. We were so fortunate to be trained by Paul C and other great auctioneers that we wanted to share some of the tips that we were taught. And with the friendship and networking with Angie and Craig Meier from the WAAC, we have the honor of them as instructors at our Ringman training school. They are a great asset to us and to our students. 

My next goals are just to continue to grow as a person and a professional. I want to be better tomorrow than I am today. This year, I’ve been able to branch out and working Mecum Auto Auctions and I’m looking forward to some new opportunities this year as well in addition to continue to grow our school and I’ll be in Dallas next year ready to compete again at the 2020 WAAC.”

2019 World Automobile Auctioneer Championship

Colorado Auctioneers Competed At The World Automobile Auctioneer Championship

3 Colorado Auctioneers Association members competed against many of the best in the auto auction industry to make it to be crowned the World Champion Auctioneer, Ringman or Team at the 2019 World Automobile Auctioneer Championship (WAAC) held at the Charleston Auto Auction facilityin Charleston, South Carolina.

This event is not new to Shawn Hagler, 2009 World Champion Ringman, and Chris Miller.  These gentlemen compete at this event to compete against fellow auctioneers, ringmen and teams to sharpen their skills and network with the best in the industry.  For Cissy Tabor, this was her first competition at the WAAC and will not be her last.

Even though every contestant does not come home with an award or title, they do gain knowledge to be better professionals in the automobile auction industry and the friendships built through the networking prove to be invaluable to them.

Shawn Hagler, competing in the 2019 World Automobile Auctioneer Championship

Chris Miller competing for the 2019 World Automobile Auctioneer Championship title

Cissy Tabor competing for the Ringman title at the 2019 World Automobile Auctioneer Championship









The World Automobile Auctioneer Championship is owned and operated by Colorado Auctioneers Association member, Paul C Behr.  He has built the championship to assist members within the auction industry help one another, build rapport with one another and to be able to network with other auction professionals and auto auction industry owners and managers.

If you would like to view the 2019 World Automobile Auctioneer Championship, please click the link provided to view its broadcast in YouTube, provided by NIADATVmobile; Part 1: Opening and Prelims – The 2019 World Automobile Auctioneers ChampionshipPart 2: Preliminaries – The 2019 World Automobile Auctioneers ChampionshipPart 3: Preliminaries – The 2019 World Automobile Auctioneers ChampionshipFinals – The 2019 World Automobile Auctioneers ChampionshipFinals – The 2019 World Automobile Auctioneers Championship (Part 2) and Awards Ceremony – The 2019 World Automobile Auctioneers Championship

The 2020 World Automobile Auctioneer Championship will be held in Dallas, Texas in May and you can look for many of our CAA members competing once again to challenge themselves to be” the best of the best.”

2019 Colorado Auctioneers Day At The Capitol

CAA Members at the Colorado State Capitol

CAA Goes To The Capitol

The Colorado Auctioneers Association held its annual, CAA Day At The Capitol on April 29th.   This event has grown over the past few years and we have made great strides in being able to add more members to come to our event at the state capitol.

This year we had over 20 auction professionals that made the trip to our event and had a few new faces that came to be a part of it.   Not only are members of the Colorado Auctioneers Association invited to come, but we also invite former members and Colorado auctioneers that haven’t been members, to join us to celebrate Auctioneer’s Day at this event to see exactly what our association does to give professionals value in their CAA membership.

Representative Perry Buck introducing the Colorado Auctioneers Association to the House of Representatives

The association was led by our President, Mike Heitmann, and a majority of the CAA Board of Directors, that came to show its support.  We have continued to receive a warm welcome from our State Representatives and were introduced on the House Floor by both, Representative Perry Buck and Representative Kimmie Lewis.

CAA Chairman of the Board and 2019 Colorado State Champion, Mike Nichols, was present to sell a Colorado State flag to the House Floor.  Brayden Nichols, the 2019 Colorado Jr Bid Calling Champion and son of Director and Past President, Lance Nichols, also represented our association and helped with the sell of the flag.

The Colorado Auctioneers Association has been a leader in representation for National Auctioneers Day and in being able to showcase the auction industry by selling a Colorado state flag to the House Representatives through the auction method of marketing.  Other CAA attending members assisted in this auction, providing Ringmen services for Mike Nichols as he auctioned the flag.  It came down to Representative Donald Valdez and Representative, Kimmie Lewis, to bid back and forth until Rep. Lewis looked at me and said, “I think I made him pay enough for it!”   With that being said, the hammer dropped and the flag was sold to Representative Donald Valdez and the money was donated to their internship program dinner.  Representative Valdez gifted the flag to Brayden Nichols, the 2019 Colorado Jr Bid Calling Champion.

Bryce Elemond, Legislative Chairman

CAA Members at the Colorado House of Representatives session

Michael Nichols, 2019 Colorado State Auctioneer Champion

Flagler Auctioneer Crowned As 2019 Colorado State Auctioneer Champion

Michael Nichols will sell a certified American Flag that was flown over the Colorado State Capitol on National Auctioneers Day in April 2018.

During the 61stColorado Auctioneers Association Convention, auctioneers from all over the state competed in the annual State Auctioneer Championship with Michael Nichols, owner of Nichols Electric, being crowned as the champion. 

The competition consists of two rounds of auctioneering at a live public auction held at the convention.  Each contestant is judged on appearance and presentation, body language, chant and desirability to be hired by the judge.  Along with the title, the state champion receives a custom designed belt buckle, the coveted Chuck Cumberlin “Go Your Best” trophy and a cash prize to compete at the National Auctioneers Association International Auctioneers Championship being held in July during the NAA Convention at New Orleans, LA.

Michael Nichols, of Flagler, is a second-generation auctioneer, graduating from the September 2011 World Wide College of Auctioneering class that was held in Denver, CO.  At the 2012 CAA Convention, Mike was awarded the Troil Welton Memorial Award for the CAA First Timers Competitionthat represents auctioneers competing have graduated from auction school within a year of the convention being held.  Troil Welton, of Wray, Colorado, was known for the encouragement he gave to young, aspiring auctioneers.

Michael is a contract auctioneer, in addition to being a co-owner of Nichols Auctioneers in which he and his brother, Lance, are proud to join their father, John Nichols, who is a CAA Hall of Fame recipient, in the auction industry.  Nichols Auctioneers sponsor several organizations and associations in local communities, especially for youth programs.   As Mike stated, “The local communities in which we live and work in are top notch people and a great place to raise a family.”

Michael Nichols, 2019 Colorado State Auctioneer Champion, & Rylee Nichols, 2018 Colorado Jr. Bid Calling Champion


Mike is also the father of Rylee Nichols, the 2018 Colorado Jr Bid Calling Champion, in which he assists his Dad in raising money at various fundraisers to help communities.


In his own words, Mike shares that “I have been blessed to work with great people in our auction family and will give my best effort to represent the auction industry and CAA as the 2019 State Champion.  I am blessed to have the best wife and 4 kids a husband and father could ask for.  Between Nichols Electric, LLC, cow/calf ranch operation, auctioneering, school activities and various church and community Boards; we try to spend our spare time with family and friends.”  


Nichols Auctioneers ~ John Nichols, CAA Hall of Fame & Colorado Auctioneers Foundation Board Member, Rylee Nichols, 2018 Colorado Jr Bid Calling Champion, Michael Nichols, 2019 Colorado State Auctioneer Champion & 2018 CAA President, Adele Nichols, Lance Nichols, CAA Board Director, Payten Nichols and Brayden Nichols, 2019 Colorado Jr Bid Calling Champion

The Colorado Auctioneers Association has approximately 150 members and promotes the auction method of marketing to all buyers and sellers through continued professionalism, education and experience.  More information about the Colorado Auctioneers Association is available online at

For additional information, contact the Colorado Auctioneers Association at (303) 729-1195.

Inaugural Bid Calling Contest

Mile High Auctioneer Open

The Colorado Auctioneers Foundation and the Colorado Auctioneers Association announces the Inaugural Mile High Auctioneer Open bid calling contest that is open to ALL auctioneers throughout the nation that will be held during the National Western Stock Show.  The competition will take place at the NWSS Beef Palace Auctioneer Arena on January 26, 2019 at 3:00 PM.

The Top 5 contestants will receive prize money that will total ten thousand ($10,000.00) dollars!  The Mile High Auctioneer Open will be judged by champion, world champion  and international auctioneer champion judges; John Korrey, Tammy Tisland and Dustin Rodgers.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for the Colorado Auctioneers Foundation Mile High Auctioneer Open providing a unique venue to showcase your company in which the event will feature a LIVE Internet Broadcast via BarnMedia and will be rebroadcast twice in the Denver Market during 2019 in prime time scheduling and lead mention in all print materials being handed out to the 1,000,000 attendees at the National Western Stock Show. Click here for Sponsorship Opportunities.

For Contest Rules and Discounted Hotel Reservations (Click each of the pictures below):  



For Discount National Western Stock Show Tickets, Click the picture below for the link.  Promo Code:  CAF

2019 CAA Title Sponsorship

2019 State Championship

Title Sponsorship

The Colorado Auctioneers Association has opened the Title Sponsorship of the 2019 Colorado State Auctioneer Championship to be fair to everyone. There are many benefits offered in this sponsorship package and it’s an excellent opportunity to be featured on the stage and in the Live Broadcast provided by  The BARN – Brian Allmer Radio Network  ( that is viewed by thousands of people.

Bids are due Thursday, November 29,  2018.

For any additional questions, please contact Cissy of the Colorado Auctioneers Association at or (303) 729-1195

* Click on the picture to get the form to download.

NAA Hall Of Fame Induction


Paul C. Behr and Vicki Ginder, co-owners of World Wide College of Auctioneering and CAA Members, hold his NAA Hall of Fame plaque

Paul C. Behr Inducted into the NAA Hall of Fame


Paul C. Behr, a long time member of the Colorado Auctioneers Association, was inducted into the NAA Hall of Fame in July 2018 at the National Auctioneers Association Conference & Show.  The National Auctioneers Association recognizes leaders within the auction industry as established in 1961 in relation to their career, leadership, community involvement, impact within the auction industry and more.

His bronze-etched portrait plaque will hang at the National Auctioneers Museum at the NAA Headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas.

Colorado Member Crowned Women’s IAC Champion

The National Auctioneers Association’s (NAA) International Auctioneer Championship (IAC) is a premier event, held each year at the annual NAA Conference & Show.  Emily Wears Kroul has competed in the championship before and has placed in The Finals for many years earning Runner-up and 2nd Place titles.  This year she proved that determination and commitment can take you to the top.  

Emily Wears Kroul was crowned the NAA Women’s Division IAC Champion at the 69th Annual NAA Conference and Show that was held in Jacksonville, Florida.

The contest is made up of both bid calling as well as interview questions. For the auctioneers who enter the contest, there is a panel of judges watching every move and listening to every word.  In regard to the bid calling portion of the competition, contestants are judged and evaluated on presentation, chant / voice and effective auctioneering.  Each of these categories have 4 – 6 subcategories the contestant is judged upon making the contest tough and subjective in doing their best.  When a contestant qualifies for The Finals Division of the competition, they begin all over again with the bid call portion and this is where they are subjected to the  interview questions.

Emily Wears, 2018 NAA IAC Champion

So why compete?  Each time a contestant competes, they are already a champion in competing to improve their skill and talent for themselves.  It’s more than just being crowned the champion.  Emily will be an ambassador for the National Auctioneers Association and the auction industry.  She will travel throughout the United States representing the NAA, provide speaker and education services to state auctioneers associations for a year.

Emily is the Colorado Auctioneers Association, 2012 Colorado State Auctioneer Champion and the only female at this time, to hold this title in our association and is an active member and former Board Director.

There is no doubt that she has talent, determination and drive about her.  Keep an eye out for her…she will be going far in this industry.

IAC and IJAC 2018 Competition

Colorado Auctioneers Association Members To Compete In Championship

Every year the National Auctioneers Association holds an annual conference and show where NAA Members compete for the International Auctioneer Championship (IAC) and International Junior Auctioneer Championship (IJAC) titles.  The competition is tough and there are multiple championship divisions; Men’s International Auctioneer Champion, Women’s International Champion and the International Junior Auctioneer Champion (ages 13 – 18).  This year the 2018 NAA Conference & Show is being held in Jacksonville, Florida.

Many of our association members are attending the 2018 NAA Conference & Show for continuing education to keep ahead of the auction industry, law changes, fundraising, real estate and contract auctioneer divisions, to name just a few, that members will receive education provided by highly skilled auctioneers and industry experts.

In addition, to their education, many of our Colorado Auctioneers Association Members compete for the coveted auctioneer championship titles.  This year, our members represent one of the largest number of competitors at the competition from one state, alone.

The following members are competing and the public is able to watch the Live Broadcast via the Colorado Auctioneers Association Facebook page on Friday, July 20, 2018 in which the link is viewable on the NAA Auctioneer account in YouTube.


Shelby Shuman, 2017 Colorado Auctioneers Jr Bid Calling Champion



Halie Behr, 2013 NAA International Junior Auctioneer Champion





Emily Wears Kroul, 2012 Colorado Auctioneer State Champion

David Whitley, 2003 Colorado Auctioneer State Champion


Dean Gunter, 2018 Colorado Auctioneer State Champion

2018 World Automobile Auctioneers Championship

 The 2018 World Automobile Auctioneers Championship

On Friday, May 4, 2018, the World Automobile Auctioneers Championship held their annual competition to find out who would be crowned to be the “Best Of The Best” Champion Auctioneer, Ringman and Auction Team in the auto auction industry.  The championship competition was held in one of the largest auto auction facilities in the United States at ADESA Chicago in Chicago, Illinois.

There were 79 competitors with over 130 different competitor combinations for the 3 categories; Auctioneer, Ringman and Auction Team.  Competitors came across the United States to compete, encourage one another, see old friends and make new friends that is a part of tradition in the auction industry.  The World Automobile Auctioneers Championship is owned by Paul C. Behr, a Colorado Auctioneers Association member.

Of the 79 competitors, 5 members of the Colorado Auctioneers Association, Shawn Hagler, Sammy Hamblin, Wes Lamb, Vaughn Long and Chris Miller competed at the 2018 World Automobile Auctioneers Championship, commonly known as WAAC.


Pictured above is Sammy Hamblin, Chris Miller and Shawn Hagler.

Vaughn Long (pictured below) was awarded 4th place in the Auction Team division of the 2018 World Automobile Auctioneers Championship Competition.


Wes Lamb Awarded The Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award is decided upon by World Auto Auction Champions attending the Annual WAAC Competition.  The past champions look at the newer competitors that “show great potential in growth of continually moving their career forward and improving.” 

ConfidenceControlCharismaChantClarity and an Auctioneers Control and Feel on-the-auction-block are many of the qualities that the past, World Automobile Auctioneers Champions look for when deciding upon whom they determine to be the recipient of The Rising Star Award.

1997 World Auto Auction Champion, Kevin McGlothlen, attended the 2018 World Automobile Auctioneers Championship and was one of the champions that awarded The Rising Star Award to Wes Lamb.  Kevin has known Wes for a couple of years and is very impressed by him and has watched his growth and improvement as an Auto Auctioneer.  “Wes really possesses Class & Charisma.  He has a bright smile, confidence, passionate and most importantly, humble.  Whenever Wes meets someone, he greets them confidently and the whole package just comes across.  He’s going to go far.”

*Thank you to Myers Jackson for photos.

2018 Colorado Auctioneers Day At The Capitol

Colorado Auctioneers Association Will Be Recognized By The House Of Representatives At The Colorado State Capitol on April 30, 2018

In honor of National Auctioneers Day, May 5, 2018,  members of the Colorado Auctioneers Association  will gather once again for a visit to the Colorado State Capitol on April 30th. 

Representative Perry Buck, is once again hosting a meet and greet with the attendees and is sponsoring the Colorado Auctioneers Association during the morning session with the House Of Representatives.  We are grateful and would like to thank her for her time. buck perry

Representative Buck will introduce the Colorado Auctioneers Association to the Colorado House Of Representatives at approximately 9 am and the Governor’s Proclamation will be read to the attending representatives.

ALL Members of the Colorado Auctioneers Association are invited and strongly encouraged to attend the event.  Come join us as we make an impact and a statement as the Colorado Auctioneers Association – the only association representing the interests of professional auctioneers in Colorado.

dean gunther

Dean Gunter, 2018 Colorado Auctioneer State Champion, will auction a certified flag that has been flown over the Colorado State Capitol on-the-floor of the House Of Representatives to the attending session representatives.

Our association is honored to be recognized & announced on the floor of our state legislature each year in recognition of the auction industry and in providing a competitive market for both buyers and sellers in the marketplace.

Mark your calendar… Enter it in Google, post it on Facebook or write it on the refrigerator door… But please plan to attend!


Please R.S.V.P. to Bryce Elemond – or call (720) 229-5832

Let’s have a strong showing for the Colorado Auctioneers Association to represent National Auctioneers Day!

Bryce Elemond, Legislative Chairman

2017 Sweepstakes Winner Announced

Barbara Bonette of Alexandria, LA is the official WINNER of the 2017 WIN Your Dream Pickup Truck Sweepstakes held by the Colorado Auctioneers Foundation.  She bought ticket #1503 at the National Auctioneers Association Conference & Show in July 2017.

The drawing was held during the Annual Colorado Auctioneers Association Summertime Picnic in Eaton, Colorado.

When called to inform her know that she was the 2017 Sweepstakes Winner, she was so excited and couldn’t believe it.  She stated, “I’ve never won anything before!”


Congratulations Barbara!!

*The Colorado Auctioneers Foundation provides scholarships and furthering education opportunities to the Colorado Auctioneers Association members and their families.  

2017 WIN Your Dream Pickup Truck Sweepstakes

Win Your Dream Pickup Truck Sweepstakes offered by the Colorado Auctioneers Foundation

The Colorado Auctioneers Foundation is in full swing of the sweepstakes campaign for the Win Your Dream Pickup Truck. The money raised in the sweepstakes will be used to support the members of the Colorado Auctioneers Association members and their families.

Take your pick at one of these top of the line trucks:

  • Ford F-150 Platinum SuperCrew 4WD

  • Dodge Ram 1500 Limited Quad Cab 4WD

  • Chevy Silverado 1500 High Country Crew Cab 4WD

The Foundation provides scholarships, education and training opportunities to the Colorado Auctioneers Association members and their family members. For more information, please check-out the Foundation section on our website or on our Facebook page.

The Colorado Auctioneers Foundation sponsors the annual Kids Auction during the CAA Fun Auction event during the annual convention that is held each January.

Colorado Auctioneers Foundation Facebook Page

Enter for a chance in the Win Your Dream Pickup Truck Sweepstakes, CLICK BELOW:

Win Your Dream Pickup Truck Sweepstakes


Drawing will be held: Monday, August 7, 2017

Drawing Time: 12:00 pm (MST)

Drawing Location: Eaton City Park South Cottonwood Ave, Eaton, CO 80615

Come meet members of the Colorado Auctioneers Association.

This event drawing is projected to be a lot of fun! It will give you the chance to win one of the pickup trucks listed. You will have the opportunity to meet and talk with many Professional Colorado Auctioneers. Curious about auctions? Go ahead and ask questions. The Colorado Auctioneers Association members would love to share with you the benefits of selling through the fun-filled and transparent auction method of marketing.

Colorado Auctioneers Association
PO Box 1133
Rifle, CO  81650

Cissy Tabor – Executive Secretary
Phone: 303-729-1195

Colorado Auctioneers Association exists to educate auction professionals, to promote CAA members and to monitor legislation in Colorado for the auction industry.

Our vision to have all Colorado auction professionals desire to be members of the Colorado Auctioneers Association.