The National Auctioneers Association’s (NAA) International Auctioneer Championship (IAC) is a premier event, held each year at the annual NAA Conference & Show.  Emily Wears Kroul has competed in the championship before and has placed in The Finals for many years earning Runner-up and 2nd Place titles.  This year she proved that determination and commitment can take you to the top.  

Emily Wears Kroul was crowned the NAA Women’s Division IAC Champion at the 69th Annual NAA Conference and Show that was held in Jacksonville, Florida.

The contest is made up of both bid calling as well as interview questions. For the auctioneers who enter the contest, there is a panel of judges watching every move and listening to every word.  In regard to the bid calling portion of the competition, contestants are judged and evaluated on presentation, chant / voice and effective auctioneering.  Each of these categories have 4 – 6 subcategories the contestant is judged upon making the contest tough and subjective in doing their best.  When a contestant qualifies for The Finals Division of the competition, they begin all over again with the bid call portion and this is where they are subjected to the  interview questions.

Emily Wears, 2018 NAA IAC Champion

Emily Wears, 2018 NAA IAC Champion

So why compete?  Each time a contestant competes, they are already a champion in competing to improve their skill and talent for themselves.  It’s more than just being crowned the champion.  Emily will be an ambassador for the National Auctioneers Association and the auction industry.  She will travel throughout the United States representing the NAA, provide speaker and education services to state auctioneers associations for a year.

Emily is the Colorado Auctioneers Association, 2012 Colorado State Auctioneer Champion and the only female at this time, to hold this title in our association and is an active member and former Board Director.

There is no doubt that she has talent, determination and drive about her.  Keep an eye out for her…she will be going far in this industry.

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