Shawn Hagler Brings Home A Win Competing At The 2019 World Automobile Auctioneer Championship

The best Auctioneers and Ringman in the World competed at the Charleston Auto Auction on May 10, 2019, for a Title, a Championship Ring, a Buckle and Money. I would like to personally say this was a great event and possibly one of the most challenging competitions for the World Automobile Auctioneers Championship (WAAC) yet. 4 lanes, 53 Auctioneers, 19 Teams, 22 Ringmen and NO Air Conditioning in the hot South Carolina heat in which each had two chances in each perspective lane to make it to the Finals Round Competition and become a World Champion. 

As shared by Myers Jackson, who comes to this momentous event each year to photograph the competitors, the action and the moments, “You gents and ladies have become very good friends. You are kind, thoughtful and professional. However each of you are ferocious when it comes to the competition. I enjoy every minute behind the lens. I get the first look and the last and my heart beats with action. Thanks to everyone who allows me to be a part on the World Class Championship event.”

After 220 runs at the Charleston Auto Auction, the winners were announce and CAA Member, Shawn Hagler, brought home a Reserve Championship title for 2nd place in the 2019 WAAC Championship Team Competition with his team partner, Texas Auctioneer, Angie Meier! It was an honor to watch them work the ring and bring their best in this competition that is considered the Best Of The Best. 

So how do you come home with the trophy hardware? I asked Shawn to share… 

Shawn Hagler & Angie Meier, 2019 Reserve World Champion Team

Shawn Hagler & Angie Meier, 2019 Reserve World Champion Team

“I compete because iron sharpens iron. I feel that if I ever get comfortable with the level I’m at I’ll begin to decline. I’m always trying to improve. “If you’re cruising along, you’re probably going down hill.” 

I chose to compete in the Auctioneer and the Team Competitions because not only do I want to be considered a World Class Auctioneer, but I also believe it’s vital to our industry to show the importance of an Auctioneer and Ringman working together.  Most people don’t realize how much communication occurs between a Professional Auctioneer and Professional Ringman, both verbally or nonverbal, and to watch some of the best in the world do it, is amazing to witness. 

I’m happy when other people are successful as well. When I’m asked to work the ring or auctioneer for another contestant, I consider it a huge honor and compliment. I get the satisfaction of helping my friends with their success. I was more nervous watching the auctioneer results (Angie winning 5th and Matt Morvac wining Reserve) than I was when they were announcing the team results. 

Winning the World Champion Ringman title in 2009 got my name out on a national level, which increased my business. I’ve gotten more work from the people I’ve met from going to the WAAC. The WAAC is not just about winning championships. It’s about networking and building lifelong friendships. 

Winning with Angie was special to me. She and Craig are two of my best friends (that I met at the WAAC), so to do well with a friend is extra special. Angie and I have never worked together before!!! Now it’s opening some possibilities to begin working in another market.

At this point of my career I’m in a position to give back to the industry that’s been so good to me. That’s why Vaughn and I started World Champion Ringman College. We wanted to ensure our profession continues to thrive as future generations come up. We were so fortunate to be trained by Paul C and other great auctioneers that we wanted to share some of the tips that we were taught. And with the friendship and networking with Angie and Craig Meier from the WAAC, we have the honor of them as instructors at our Ringman training school. They are a great asset to us and to our students. 

World. Champion Ringman College

My next goals are just to continue to grow as a person and a professional. I want to be better tomorrow than I am today. This year, I’ve been able to branch out and working Mecum Auto Auctions and I’m looking forward to some new opportunities this year as well in addition to continue to grow our school and I’ll be in Dallas next year ready to compete again at the 2020 WAAC.”

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